Guarnes is Mr. Universal Ambassador 1st Runner Up

Guarnes is Mr. Universal Ambassador 1st Runner Up

Battling with 18 other contenders from countries all over the world for the title Mr. Universal Ambassador 2017, our very own alumnus, Cadet Paul Guarnes,  emerged as 1st runner up during the coronation night held last October 6 at  in Macacar, Indonesia.

Guarnes became the representative of the Philippines to the international male pageant after winning the Gentleman of the Philippines 2017 title last September. With a minimal time for practice, Guarnes braved what was ahead and went home bringing with him an honor that the whole JBLFMU community is proud of.

“Last TWO men standing on stage. Last two men from across the world fighting for the crown. The crown went evasive, but I still won.I won the hearts of the crowd, the screams of the people, I have raised the Philippine flag higher, I have inspired people, I won the soul of everyone.Being one of the last two men standing on that stage and having the first runner-up award, my journey doesn't stop there. Because this sash has a responsibility to fulfill. No, I will never be an inactive first runner-up of MUA. I will move to continue inspiring people and winning their hearts. I will continue to do my advocacy of valuing knowledge and faith.This sash is no ordinary sash. A big responsibility lies behind this, and what can I say? I accept it all. Bring it on! It's time for me to show what I can do to the world... To the universe rather”, Guarnes said in his facebook post, a true manifestation of the university’s core values in his system.

Lương Gia Huy  (Vietnam) was crowned Mr. Universal Ambassador Universe 2017 while Johannes Leonidas (Sweden) won 2nd Runner up , 3rd Runner Up- Gilbert Pangalila (Indonesia), 4th Runner Up - Rohit Jakhar (India) and the other 5 Semifinalists  were Andris Varga (Hungary), Anaz Dzulkefflee (Malaysia), Elvis Murillo (Nicaragua), Thirawat Madtayaboon (Thailand) and  Shakboz Makhmudou (Uzbekistan).

Guarnes also won the World Speech Competition which is part of the pageant and was awarded the People’s Choice Award.