JBLFMU Alumnus is APEA Awardee

JBLFMU Alumnus is APEA Awardee

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Chief Executive Officer and President of the Vega Manila Crewmanagement, Inc., CAPT. VICENTE E. FEDELICIO, Ph.D., AFNI, is recipient of the latest Asia Pacific and Entrepreneurship Awards or APEA.

He is a 1983 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation of the former Iloilo Maritime Academy, by then an academic scholar and Corps Commander; member of the JBLFMU Board of Trustees; and is one of the university's Most Outstanding Alumnus.

Along with his unceasing entrepreneurial initiatives that impacted the lives of hundreds of Filipino seafarers and their families, his contribution to the professional and business services industry made him qualify for the award.  He joined the roster of 18 awardees that included entrepreneurs and business leaders across the Asia-Pacific region. They were among the 1200 top business leaders and entrepreneurs who have been recognized with this prestigious award since 2007 in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and UAE, just to name the few.He is a man who possesses strong business acumen and a giving heart. His passion for progress extends beyond his own personal interests; he takes it as his responsibility to make others’ lives better.

Always the man that devotes his efforts to anything he is passionate about, he learned the intricacies of the crewing business, and in 2006, armed with his newfound entrepreneurial skills and his burning fervor, he retired from working at sea, partnered with a German shipowner, and founded Vega Manila Crewmanagement, Inc., becoming its President and CEO. Not wanting to rest on his laurels and even when Vega Manila was doing well, Capt. Fedelicio got back to school and in 2010, earned his Master of Science in Maritime Management degree from his alma mater, JBLFMU. Yet this was not enough for the man who wants to be the best in what he does. In 2014, he finished his Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Education degree, still from JBLFMU.

The third of the five children of Mr. Primitivo F. Fedelicio, a farmer, and Mrs. Amparo E. Fedelicio, a housekeeper, Capt. Fedelicio, born on November 25, 1959, came from humble beginnings, carving out his childhood dreams while growing up in Barangay Malandog, Hamtic, Antique.

The importance of hard work and perseverance was inculcated in him very early, from doing household chores to helping his parents earn an honest living to make both ends meet. His desire to have a better life encouraged him to do his best in his studies, knowing that it might possibly be his only ticket to freedom from poverty. He graduated With Honors in grade school from Malandog Elementary School, high school from Antique National School (ANS).

His career as a marine officer spans three decades, fourteen years of which he spent as Ship Captain and/or Commissioning Master of brand new German ships. While actively engaged in sea service, from 1984 to 1996, he also served as Crewing Manager of Blue Manila, Inc., a manning agency. From this stint, he learned the basics of the crewing business.

Out of seeing the need to help provide employment to his fellow Filipino seafarers, Capt. Fedelicio established his second manning company, F. A. Vinnen Philippines, Inc. with another German shipowner as his partner. With two manning agencies under his supervision, it was imperative that he becomes part of Maritime Education and Training (MET). Also, since 2007, when he became a member of the Board of Trustees of JBLFMU, his input has been valuable in making sure that the maritime curricula are aligned with the needs of the industry to make sure that future seafarers are trained to become globally-competitive and thus, assure their employment. In his involvement with maritime education, he saw the need for more maritime professionals, and that there are those who desire to be part of the industry but are financially limited to pursue their dreams. From this, the Vega Scholarship Program was born, and since then, it has provided academic opportunities to poor but deserving students. This vision hit two birds with one stone - arrest the shortage of maritime manpower and provide a brighter future for the less fortunate. This noble endeavor and selfless act gave way to hundreds of scholars now looking forward to a better life through the lucrative maritime industry.

Truly, Capt. Fedelicio’s untiring desire for excellence is evident in the mission, vision, and quality policies of VMCI. Working hard to achieve its vision of being the country’s premier provider of efficient and reliable seafarers, VMCI is continually doing its bestin providing well-trained and empowered maritime manpower to its clients. It began with managing three ships, and now, with sound leadership and efficient management, it is managing forty vessels composed of bulk carrier and container vessels. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified, thus placing the company among the ranks of esteemed and top-performing ship manning agencies in the country. Excellent human resource management skills are also evident in the way VMCI provides its crew members with a very competitive compensation package, compulsory insurance coverage, sponsored training, and promotions. Furthermore, staying true to its commitment to empowering Filipino seafarers, all vessels are manned by all-Filipino crewmembers.

Capt. Fedelicio’s tireless efforts extend beyond his business endeavors. Apart from his hard work and dedication to his company, he is a staunch supporter of helping people plan their future. He is instrumental in initiating financial literacy programs to people within and outside the company. This is his way of sharing with them the value of good stewardship of the material and financial resources earned through hard work and perseverance. Still, in the advocacy of good stewardship, he is promoting various initiatives in agricultural livelihood with promising returns of investments. A proud son of the Province of Antique, he is at the forefront in the preservation of the province’s cultural heritage, as evidenced by his active participation in programs and activities that promote and commemorate cultural origins.

All of the things that he has done have not gone unnoticed. He is a recipient of numerous awards and citations and an officer of various relevant organizations, all of which tell about his sterling performance and exemplary service. For his outstanding business skills, he received the Golden Globe Award for Business Excellence and the Filipino Achiever (2016) and the Philippine Top Choice Award for Outstanding Achievers (2016). For bringing honor to his alma mater, he has been named Outstanding Alumnus of Malandog Elementary School, Antique National School, and John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University. Likewise, he is the President of the Antique National School Alumni Association. For his efforts to uplift the Philippine maritime industry, he is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute and the Chairman and President of the JBL Maritime Vanguard Services, Inc. For his passion for cultural preservation, he is the Chairman of the Sumakwelan Cultural Association. As a treasured son of Antique, he is the Chairman and President of the Antikenyo Busalian Association and in 2010, he was named “Bugal kang Antique” (Pride of Antique). In addition, he is the Chairman and President of Malandog Waterworks and Sewerage Association and a member of the Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines.

Capt. Fedelicio is married to Dr. Nelibeth P. Fedelicio, Vice President of the University of Antique. In her, he has found a partner in his advocacy of empowering others. Together, they have organized charity events and outreach activities to reach out to others, empowering them to make their lives better. Their initiatives have transformed lives and have given hope to people, yet the couple has remained quiet about all of these. They both believe that true gratification comes from helping others in a noble and silent way.

Capt. Fedelicio believes that giving more when you have less is more illustrious than giving nothing when you have more. In his words, “a coward has a dream; a brave man has a mission”.

Truly, with all the things that he has gone through, all the things that he has done, and all the things he is yet to do, it is without a doubt that Capt. Vicente E. Fedelicio is a brave man!

JBLFMU is truly proud of you.