Lacsonian is Supermodel International Top 10

Ms. Janina Espinosa, a 2011 Bachelor of Science in Tourism graduate of the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University Molo landed the top 10 for the Supermodel International 2017 held in New Delhi, India last April 22. Morpheus Hub Events and Productions, Ms. Espinoza’s mother studio, congratulated Miss Philippines Janina Espinoza for her Top 10 finish for it already is a great honor for the country.

Janina made it to the Top 16 and Top 10 of the competition out of 44 candidates but failed to enter the Top 5. Ukraine's representative was crowned as Supermodel International 2017.

In a statement, Morpheus Hub Events and Productions said they are proud of Janina's run in the modeling pageant.

"The Morpheus Hub Events and Productions would like to congratulate Ms. Janina Espinoza for her performance in the 7th Supermodel International Modeling Pageant held in Delhi, India. Title or no title, her participation in the pageant’s global discussions on peace, cultural exposure and other charity activities has beautifully showcased the Filipina’s beauty, intellect and dreams."

Janina got to represent the Philippines after winning the Dream Top Model 2016 title.

This year is Philippines first-ever placing in the Top 10 for the past 7 years.
For this year, the 7th edition of Supermodel International was hosted by two countries.  It was produced by Pradinunt Production Company Limited (Thailand) and Rubaru Events & Talent Promoting Group (India). The show was distributed on prominent fashion channels throughout Asia.
Mr. Arthur Jake Villanueva
Supermodel International PH
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