Nallada is TOSIA 2018 Top 5

Nallada is TOSIA 2018 Top 5

JBLFMU System Model Cadet 2017 Cadet John Godwin Flores Nallada was chosen as one of the TOSIA 2018 Elite Circle of Five and was honored during the TOSIA 2018 Awarding Ceremony held at the Robinson’s Place Iloilo last March 19. He too is the recipient of the lone TOSIA Artisan Award.

Nallada is a Maerskline cadet; a  Finalist of the Ten Outstanding Maritime Students of the Philippines; a delegate to the Philippine Model Congress at Senate of the Philippines and the Chief Engineer  of the Polaris Class Organization of the JBLFMU Molo.

“TOSIA for me, does not only give recognition to students who excel in academics but it also gives affirmation to his kind of leadership, his community involvement and an acknowledgement of his faith as a vital aspect of life. One needs to balance these 4 pillars for him to become a TOSIA awardee. I believe I was able to qualify because though I am not perfect and I have flaws, I don't strive to be one. I just embrace and acknowledge them and this was shown all throughout the selection process. I know I was  genuine about who I am and what I am. I believe that when we become honest to ourselves we become persons worthy of emulation”, said Nallada in an online interview.

He also said that as a student, this feat does not only speak of how he juggled up and balanced his academic loads, leadership responsibilities, social roles and his being a guardian of faith but it also attested to his versatility expected from a maritime student and also a manifestation of the trainings he had had from the university and its stakeholders being maritime vanguards.

“To my fellow cadets and students in general, it is always fulfilling to make our parents proud and this is my way of paying gratitude to them. We all would eventually return in the arms of our loving Father, but when we do make sure that we live something the world could remember. We are just travelers of this cosmic dust, so let us do good things to people surrounding us and remember that nothing of these would happen without God as our personal saviour, the Almighty”,  he further said.

The screening process required an official nomination from the school. It was followed by a submission of bid book of all the nominee’s achievements, involvements and affiliations.  The top 20 was considered for the essay writing, and 15 was chosen for the interview.  

Nallada, along with Cadet Karl Steven Ducasi and Cadet Mc Gregor Niervo of JBLFMU Arevalo landed in the top 10.

The Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards is an annual search for outstanding students of Iloilo and is a program of the JCI REGATTA INC.