Requirements for Admission to Senior High

Senior High School Early Registration is now going on
Fill up application form at the Principal’s office
Requirements for Admission to Senior High School
1.      Completion of Junior High School (Grade 10) from a high school recognized by the government.
2.      Satisfactory marks on the basic subjects in the strand applied for
3.      Credentials:
·         An Accomplish Application form from the Guidance Office upon application
·         Form 138 (Grade10)
·         Certificate of Good Moral Character
·         Photocopy of Authenticated NSO Birth certificate
·         2 copies of latest passport-sized picture
·         Certificate of Junior High School Completion
·         ESC Certification Letter from Junior High School principal (ESC Grantees Only)
·         QVP certification (Qualified Voucher Applicants Only)
4.      Take the JBLFMU Senior High School Readiness Test