Arevalo Administrator's Message


I am glad that you happen to visit our home in the web. In this website, we have prepared for you a profile of who we are and the noble goals that we have- to contribute to the continuous development and progress of one of the pillars of the world economy - the seafaring industry. To keep it as a strong support, the key players and stakeholders are seeing to it that all factors involved are ready to face the challenges.

With the soaring demands for competitive seafarers, we are doing the best that we can to come at par with the prerequisites of the industry by providing our students with quality education and training through modern equipment and simulators, hands-on training, quality instructors and up-to-date curriculum and instruction.

With these, I am inviting you to browse the contents of our website to show you the journey that we have taken through the years.

Welcome Aboard and God Bless!