Arevalo Undergraduate Admission Requirements and Procedure


Requirements for Enrolment

Note: All students are required to undergo haircut

Male: (3x5x1 white side wall: clean mustache)

Female: Barber’s cut


STEP 1: DEAN’S OFFICE (Issuance of Checklist)


  • Original & photocopy of High School Card (for High School Graduate) Transcript of Records and Original
  • Transfer credential (for 2nd courser and Transferee)
  •  Live Birth Certificate (PSA copy formerly NSO)
  •  White long size filing folders (2 pcs.)
  •  Mailing white long envelope with stamp
  • 1 pc. 2”x2” I.D. picture (colored with white background)
  •  Cert. of Completion-Bridging Program


Submit the following laboratory test results and

“2x2” ID picture (colored with white background):

  • Ishihara Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  •  Urinalysis
  • Hearing Test
  • Short Brown Envelope
  • Hepa B Test
  • CBC
  • Fecalysis
  • 1 pc 2”x2” colored picture

STEP 3: SAS/Guidance Office

(Proceed to the Computer Laboratory near the Canteen)

  a. Submit the following requirements:

  • Entrance Exam Result
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • High School Card/Transcript of Records (for Transferee )
  • 1 pc 2”x2” colored ID picture with white background

  b. Fill-up online Personal Information Sheet (PIS)

  c. Picture taking (Comp. Lab)

STEP 4: Cashier

Down payment (Php 4,000.00) + PTA/Insurance fee 250

Or at any recognized payment center (M.Lhuiller or Metrobank)


STEP 5: Registrar’s Office


  • Checklist
  • Personal Information Slip
  •  Original High School Card (for High School Graduate)Transcript of Records and Original Transfer Credential (for 2nd courser and transferee)
  •  PSA ( NSO) Live Birth Certificate
  •  White long size filing folder
  •  White long size mailing envelope with stamp
  •  1 pc. 2”x2” colored I.D. picture with white background


Requirements for Enrolment
* Clinic- Medical Results (Hepa-8 Test, Chest X-ray, CBC, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, lshihara!Eye Test, Hearing Test)
* AAO - AAO Clearance
Step 1- Regular Student: Block Enrolment (Online/Web Enrolment)
              Irregular Student: Online appraisal of subjects
        Note: Irregular students with subject discrepancy please see Dean's Office
Step  2 - Cashier or Mlhuillier- down payment
                Accounting- Promisory notes
Step 3 - Registrar- Signing of Registration Form/Official Enrolment