The John B. Lacson Foundation Logo

The  name was adopted in 1985 by the institution to give honor and legacy to its founder, Capt. John B. Lacson, when it was converted from a stock corporation to a foundation.

The BOX enclosing the logo symbolizes the JBLF System.

The ARROW HEADS symbolize the continuous quest of the Foundation for excellence  and progress and its commitment to the realization and perpetuation of quality education.

The words EDUCATION, LIFE, PROGRESS, DISCIPLINE, VALUES emblazoned in the school logo speak of the process in realizing its objectives.

The FLAMING TORCH symbolizes the commitment for Quality Education. It likewise symbolizes the student’s quest for knowledge.

The SUN symbolizes the rays of hope and the bright future for its graduates.

The letters JBLFMU represent the units in the system whose mission to carry out quality education will be the anchor of hope for the youth for their successful voyage towards their profession.

The SHIP symbolizes the maritime profession.

The WAVES symbolize the hardships and difficulties faced in the profession but with courage and good educational foundation, all hardships shall be overcome.