JBLFMU's Vision, Mission, QSHE Policy and 10-point Agenda

JBLFMU's thrust of including the practice on Health, Safety and Environment in the institutions way of life is embodied in its new Mission, Vision, QHSE Ploicy and 9-point Agenda. 


We shall be among the globally leading institutions in providing high quality education and training by 2020.

As a socially responsible corporate citizem we shall advocate quality, health, safety and environmental protection as we care for our community, promote our culture, and stregnthen our core values.



We shall provide quality education and training through instruction, research and extension,  in our unrelenting quest for excellence as a major global supplier of world-class technical and professional manpower.

We aim to improve the quality of life through our thrusts in health, safety and environment.



To maintain the highest standards of Quality, health, Safety and Environmental Protecion in our consistent drive to satisfy and strive to exceed stakeholders expectations.



The JBLF System professes to commit itself to championing, attaining, and nurturing the following causes:

1.     Excellencein Education and Training

The JBLF System is resolute and uncompromising in its enduring pursuit of excellence in education and training through regular and progressive evaluation and accreditation of its dynamic curricular and training programs.

2.     StrongResearch Program

The institution responds to the challenge of having high-calibre graduates who will be leaders in the workplace to help build the nation by taking initiatives and leadership in research as it works towards becoming a maritime research center.

3.     A Sustained Technological Environment

The institution maintains an updated, reliable, and efficient information management system for enhanced delivery of instructional and other services relative to global technology.

4.     Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Advancements

As an institution that believes in the importance of the overall wellness of its stakeholders, the JBLF System maintains a milieu that promotes and secures their wellbeing through its various provisions for a healthful, safe, and environment-friendly setting.

5.     Inculcation of Values

A staunch advocate of inculcating work and personal values in our clients as these values define and help them in their personal and professional journey, the university integrates values in the students’ academic and non-academic activities.

6.     Pursuit of International Recognition

The JBLF System aims at achieving international recognition through strong linkages with foreign marine institutions, research organizations, and shipping agencies and companies as well as its unwavering and total support of the faculty and students in their quest for global recognition as researchers and maritime professionals.

7.     Corporate Social Responsibility

The JBLF System, while it continually charts its course as an organization through the most appropriate and well-executed strategic plans, is keen about holding on to its best experiences, norms, and practices, which characterize its corporate entity and sharing these not only with its own people but with the rest of the local and global communities.

8.     A Competent and Productive Workforce

JBLF System recognizes its workforce as one of its assets. The institution provides and supports continuous learning and development to optimize their productivity for the attainment of the Vision and Mission of the JBLF System.

9.     A Dynamic Alumni Involvement

Recognizing the great potential of the alumni as a body in assisting the institution in its multifarious concerns and responsibilities, the institution perennially taps this resource through the Alumni Association, even as it constantly and progressively seeks better ways of engaging them as an integral unit of the institution.


10. An Effective Financial Management

JBLF System aims to prepare for a long-term financial sustainability through an efficient and effective use of resources, clear and transparent financial strategy and a robust financial management system for the attainment of its vision, mission and objective and the fulfilment of its commitment to all its stakeholders.