The Effect of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan) Seed Hull Extract against Rust

Antones, Jo Kristoffer G.
Baldove, Grover
Ermita, Andrew Paul J.
Loreno, Cyril Rio L.
Nama, Jerwin Patrick N

This study used experimental approach to determine the effect of pigeon pea seed hull extract against rust. The study focused on the effect of different concentrations of solution of extract and water, and extract and turpentine on metal. This study used true experimental design. The experimental unit was metal sheets. The researchers used an approximately 66 grams of metal sheet which was cut into same sizes and surface area of three by one and a half inches to assure the uniformity of the measurement. The observation was only focused on the mean weight of the rust formed on metal sheets for each treatment. The researchers used 24 set-ups of metal sheets. The three set-ups were not subjected to any treatment (negative control, H1, H2, H3). Another three were treated with the commonly used turpentine (positive control, G1, G2, G3). The other 18 set-ups served as the experimental group and divided into six groups which is 20% extract and 80% water, 50% extract and 50% water, and 80% extract and 20% water for extract and water concentrations; 20% extract and 80% turpentine, 50% extract and 50% turpentine and, 80% extract and 20% turpentine for extract and turpentine concentration. The researchers used inferential analysis which is one way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The accepted level of confidence was 95% or 0.05 alpha level and SPSS 18 was utilized. The result revealed that the treatment consisting of 80% Pigeon Pea Seed Hull (PPSH) extracts + 20% turpentine is the most effective in preventing the formation of rusts on metal among the treatments. It came out also that there is a significant difference in the mean weight of metal sheets after all the treatments. Thus, in any ways, pigeon pea seed hull extract combined with turpentine or distilled water is effective in preventing the formation of rust. The lesser the mean weight of rust, the more effective the formulated extract is.