The world maritime community shares that one of the most impending challenges today is the shortage of qualified seafaring human resources of today and tomorrow. Need for qualified seafarers are increasing, and so does the need for the quality education and training of the young people of the next generations in this profession.
The parties to this Memorandum recognize and share that the mandatory periods of seagoing service, or on-board-training, are prime importance in learning the job of being a ship's officer and in achieving the overall standard of competence required as stipulated in STCW Convention, that on-board-training opportunities available for the young people worldwide are much less than required, that it is the time for maritime education and training institutions to commit themselves actively to address both in terms of quantity and quality the solemn challenge of the global shortage of On-Board-Training opportunities through their network, and  that such global collaboration should be carried out through closest communication.
The parties to this Memorandum of Understanding further recognize that students and cadets who leave this profession due to the incomplete mandatory periods of seagoing service in spite of their successful accomplishments in the classrooms will never come back again, which is one of the major causes of shortage of human resource in this profession, and that it is the students and cadets who experience the advantages and the disadvantages of the well-planned and systematic on-board training.
The parties of this Memorandum of Understanding are, therefore, firmly convinced that it is an innovative initiative for them to inaugurate this "Global On-Board Training Center" so that their responsibility to respond to the call of "Go-to-Sea!" campaign and the theme for "World Maritime Dat 2010: The Seafarer"  by Secretary General of International Maritime Organization can be fulfilled.



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