KMU Scholarship Cadets at TS Hanbada

It is happily announced that Korea Maritime University (KMU) has kindly committed to accept four (4) cadets for free onboard its motor training ship, TS Hanbada.

These four (4) “KMU Scholarship Cadets” who shall be selected & nominated by GOBTC; could be deck & engine cadets, male or female of any number ratio. They should be at Busan, Korea on 4th or 5th May, for the long time voyage which shall start on May 9th until July 18, 2012. KMU will provide further information on detailed required documents, in due course.

GOBTC is most appreciative of this KMU contribution which would certainly hasten its cadets' deployment objective in particular and in general accelerate its furtherance of cadetship training. We truly appreciate all convergent assistance for our shared goal of having an globally adequate pool of competent, fully qualified marine officers.

GOBTC as well acknowledges the support of IMO for this cadetship onboard training initiative. We look eagerly forward to the global acceptance and escalating support by Administrations and maritime universities and institutions, of this initiative which would definitely go a long way to ensure a good steady global supply of qualified marine officers.

We congratulate the first 4 cadets who are nominated to be the first batch of GOBTC cadets through this KMU Scholarship. Bon voyage to:

  1. Alberts, Cara (Deck Cadet, Female, South Africa)
  2. Assur, Arizona (Deck Cadet, Female, South Africa)
  3. Petrov, Irina (Deck Cadet, Female, Ukraine)
  4. Ciobanel, Razvan (Deck Cadet, Male, Ukraine)
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