Linkages and Tie-ups

Aboitiz Jebsen Bulk and Transport Coproration
Ancora Investment Trust, Inc.
Anglo Eastern Maritime Services, Inc
Astro Shipping
Bahia Shipping Services, Inc.
Barbership Management, Inc
Bergesen DY Phils., Inc
Bouvet Shipping Management Corporation
BSM Crew Management Corporation
Career Philippines Ship Management Inc.
Century Maritime Services, Inc.
Chevron Texaco Shipping Corporation
Cosmo Sealand Co. Ltd. 
Cyprus Maritime Co. Ltd.
Dalisay Shipping Corporation
Delta Meco Manning and Crweing Services, Inc
Denholm Mairime
Dohle Philman Manning Agency, Inc
Eastern Mediterranean Manning Agency Inc. (formerly Agemar Manning Co.)
Epic Gras Crewing, Inc.
F.A. Vinnen &Co.
Fil-Star Maritime Corporation
Gigamare Inc.
GMS Global Maritime Ship Management Corporation
Hoegh Fleet Services AS
H. Ocean Manila/HANJIN
Idemitsu Tnaker Co. Ltd.
Jo Tankers Philippines, Inc.
KGJS Fleet Management (Manila), Inc.
Korphil Shipping
Leonis Navigation Co., Inc.
Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
Magsaysay Mitsui-OSK Line Marine, Inc.
MAERSK-Filipinas Crewing
Maine Marine Philippines, Inc.
Marlow Navigation
Misuga Kaiun Compnay Ltd. 
Medbulk Maritime Management Corporation
Negros Navigation Corporation
Norwegian Crew Management
Norwegian Gas Carrier
Norwegian Ship Owners Association
NSC Marin- Shipmanagement Ltd.
NYK Ship Mangement, Inc.
OSG Shipmanagement (UK) Ltd.
OSM Maritime Services, Inc
OSTE Crewing Phils., Inc.
Overseas Shiphandling Group
PACC Shipping (PCL)
PB Maritime Personnel, Inc.
Posfil Ship Management Corporation/STX (formerly Astra Marine Int'l, Inc)
Philippine Standard Shipmanagement, Inc.
Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc
Reinier Pacific International Shipping Incorporated
Rickmer's Marine Agency Manila
Rosy Star Ocean VEssel Management, Co. Inc.
Seatrade/Avior Marine, Inc.
Scanmar Maritime Agency Inc.
Sea Work Force
Solpia Marine and Ship Management, Inc.
SSM Shipping
Stolt-Nielsen Philippines, Inc.
Tee Kay Shipping Company
Thome Ship Management
Trans-Global Maritime Agency, Inc.
Unisea Philippines, INc.
Vega Manila Crewmanagement Inc.
Ventis Maritime Corporation
Ventix Maritime Corporation
Veritas Maritime Corporation
Wallem Maritime Services, Inc