Fundamentals of Paddling and Sailing: A Self-Learning Kit: A Documentary Analysis

Teruñez, Marlon R.  "Fundamentals of Paddling and Sailing: A Self-Learning Kit: A Documentary Analysis."


This documentary analysis aimed to report the procedures involved in the production and evaluation of the "Fundamentals of Paddling and Sailing: A Self-Learning Kit." The self-learning kit was developed and used as an instructional material for Physical Education 224 at John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, Inc. Three (3) jurors were selected for their expertise in physical education, technical writing, and module construction validated the content of the self-learning kit. The 12 Physical Education teachers of JBLCF evaluated the self-learning kit in terms of physical aspect, objectives, instructions, learning activities, and evaluative measures. The evaluation form used as data-gathering instrument was patterned after the instrument used in Querubin's dissertation (1996). Means and ranks were utilized in the analysis of the data obtained for the evaluation.
The study found out that the self-learning Kit covered the basic knowledge and skills of paddling and sailing. Significantly, both the marine engineering and marine transportation students gained better understanding of boat paddling and sailing. The effort and time involved in the production of the kit were tiring and numerous but it was published through the fund of the school. The JBLCF, Inc., P.E. teachers evaluated the self-learning kit “excellent”.