General Rules Governing Schoarhips


Ø  All scholarships are non transferable.

Ø  Scholarships are offered during the regular school year only. A deserving student should carry a regular study load of the curriculum prescribed for the semester.

Ø  Scholarships offered by the college are for tuition fees only.

Ø  Application for all scholarships shall be addressed to the Scholarship Coordinator of the unit within one month after the end of enrollment after which no application shall be entertained.

Ø  Scholarship grants and the continued enjoyment thereof shall be granted only to students who have no disciplinary records.

Ø  Scholarships are renewable every semester.

Ø  Renewal of the application for scholarships shall be granted only to those who have observed the rules and regulations for scholarships and complied with the requirements set by the Scholarship Office.

Ø  Multi-scholarships can be cumulative up to 100% on tuition fees and miscellaneous fees.

Ø  In case where both parents or a parent and a brother/sister are both employed in the school, the children/brother/sister is entitled to the discount of one (1) parent or one (1) brother/sister only. However, if these children or brother/sister of an employee becomes an academic scholar enjoying 100% tuition fee discount, the amount equivalent to the 50% tuition fee discount can be applied to the miscellaneous fees.

Ø  Students who enjoy both institutional scholarships and company sponsorship/external support may get a refund of the excess amount from the company sponsorship/external support only. After applying all scholarships emanating from the school first and then applying the company sponsorship/external support for tuition and miscellaneous fees, any excess amount on the company sponsorship/external support for the tuition and miscellaneous fees shall be refunded to the scholar.

Ø  JBLF System Model Cadet Scholarship and unit Model Cadet Scholarship, if not availed of by the awardee due to multi-scholarships, can be converted to cash after graduation; equivalent to one (1) year tuition fee of his last academic year based on the regular tuition.

Ø   Tuition fee privilege enjoyed by the children or brothers/sisters of employees shall be shouldered by the unit where the employee(s) belong.

Ø  Scholarship and Balangaw recipients whose benefactors are members/officers of the Board of Trustees shall be entitled to discount privileges granted to children of employees of JBLFMU.

Ø  Scholarships cannot be enjoyed unless applied nor renewed every semester.