List of Faculty Research Outputs 2015-2016

1. The Effect of OBE-OBTL Approach in the Academic Performance
in Speech Communication with IMO-SMCP Among BSMT Students
Eppie May F. Frial
Dr. Bernardita S. Somosa
Cecilia C. Salinas
Mary Mae Jun S. Palma
2. Peer Mentoring: Tool in Enhancing the Performance of the JBLFMU-Arevalo First Year
BSMT Students in Physics
Dr. Roderick R. Germo
Sema Grace G. Mendoza
3. Level of Competencies on the Use of Simulator Operations Among Selected BSMT
2/M Rene O. Fullon
Aaron C. Hisanan
Conny A. Abangan
Belinda T. Travina
3/M Arlie G. Gargalicano
4. JA Administrative Staff Level of Computer Literacy Sheena Marie N. Caseria
Ivan B. Lim
Ron Louie B. Marte
Cherlly S. Sunio
Merlito A. Dayon, Jr.
5. Attitudes Toward Research Among the Teaching Staff of JBLFMU-Arevalo Herminia Z. Badilla
2/M Josito P. Cordero
2/M Arturo D. Paredes
2/M Nicolas M. Tuarez
6. The Use of Plyometric Exercises and Swimming Performance
Among Freshmen BSMT Students
Dr. Emily T. Galo
2/M Joel J. Malaya
7. Health Hazards and Precautionary Measures Onboard Gas Carrier Vessels Dr. Ma. Corazon S. Navallasca
C/M Monchito V. Tendan
C/M Teodosio S. Melliza
Capt. Raymundo T. Barrientos
8. The Use of Cooperative Learning in Enhancing the Competency in Maritime
Communication with GMDSS Among Second Year BSMT Students
Dr. Ma. Corazon S. Navallasca
2/M Jerry A. Alingalan
9. Factors Affecting Delays of Assessment Among Bachelor of Science in Marine
Transportation Freshmen Students
Engr. Dolores N. Sibonga, Ph. D.
Capt. Pacifico F. Mojica, Jr.
Riza Dela Pena
Mary Jane A. Pinano
Dr. Bernardita S. Somosa
10. Alumni Tracer and Their Level of Satisfaction on Knowledge,
Skills, and Services Provided by JBLFMU-Arevalo
C/M Carlos D. Victoriano III
Eden B. Jamolangue
11. English Language Difficulties and Perceived Causes Among BSMT Freshmen Students
Ma. Elna A. Taronas
C/M Virmari S. Tan, Ph. D.
12. The Relationship Between Employees’ Commitment and the JePAS Performance of
Dr. Roderick R. Germo
Neshel N. Panes
13. Three-year Feeder Schools Profile of JBLFMU-Arevalo
Dr. Emely J. Palomero
Nephelen R. Balayo
14. Glimpse to Alumni: Towards Harmonizing Alumni of JBLFMU-Arevalo
Dr. Ma. Corazon S. Navallasca
Capt. Samson N. Sioson
15. The Success Story of Capt. Angelex A. Panes Onboard the M/V SKS Tiete
Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas
3/M Mark Eden G. Ellaga
16. Onboard Lived Experiences of Deck Cadets: Moments of
Work and Survival
Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas
John Carl T. Tagulalap
17. Leadership Characteristics: A Measure of Skills and Traits of an All-seasoned Seafarer
Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas
Dr. Roderick R. Germo
3/M Mark Eden G. Ellaga
18. Gender Roles as Perceived by JA Employees
Dr. Shirley G. Hampac
Eden B. Jamolangue
19. Community-based Coastal Resource Management and Co-management: Approaches
to Increase Fish Productivity in Villa, Iloilo City, Philippines (Year 1)
Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas
20. Mentoring Programs: Their Impact in the Academic Success of Mentees
Dr. Geneva M. Eler
21. Bridging the Gap: e-Learning in Maritime Education
Dr. Maria Cristina P. Arante
22. An Assessment of Students and Faculty Towards Human and Non-human Resources
in a Maritime University
Dr. Emely J. Palomero
23. Common Problems Experienced by Seafarers Onboard
Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas
Atty. Lorna D. Gellada, Ph. D.
Capt. Ernesto P. Dondiego, Jr. Ph. D

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