Organization development of the Philippine Marine Consultants, Incorporated: Its viability factors

Tubilleja, Antonio S. “Organization development of the Philippine Marine Consultants, Incorporated: Its viability factors. Unpublished thesis for Master of
Science in Maritime Education (Teaching Competency), John B. Lacson Foundation Colleges Foundation (Arevalo), Inc., Graduate School, Iloilo City, March 2006.


The goal of this case study was to showcase the viability factors of the Philippine Marine Consultants, Incorporated (PMCI) as a manning agency. The objectives of this study were to look into the PMCI in its natural context in regard to its history, organizational development, organizational culture, and leadership; and to determine whether these independent variables are factors in the viability of PMCI. From the emic perspective, these factors are (1) its founder, Chief Engineer Fernando J. Gepilano, particularly his compassion for seafarers and his dream that Filipino seafarers shall dominate foreign—flag vessels; (2) its being a small family-owned enterprise, a situation that has contributed to high employee involvement; (3) the family’s commitment to quality standards; (4) the loyalty of its clientele as shown in their sons and relatives who board vessels after them; and (4) the readiness to change when better opportunities or external requirements arise, as seen in the changes made by agency with respect to its location. The etic perspective or the researcher’s point of view showed that the PMCI’s organization development is high; that is, it can cope readily with change. Its organizational climate is moderately high. It is adventurous, but not risk-daring; and its employees make decisions on their own initiative, but in accordance with agency policies. The president of the PMCI is a leader, rather than a manager. He inspires trust, originates, and dares to do the right things rather than do things right. These are the viability factors that underlie the growth and development, and the success of the Philippine Marine Consultants, Incorporated