Arevalo Graduate School Academic Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Education (Ph. D.M.E.)
      Curriculum and Assessment
Master in Maritime Education (M.M.E)
      Administration and Supervision
     Teaching Competency
Master in Ship Management (M.S.M.)
Master in Maritime Management (M.M.M.)

All master’s programs are also offered via Distance Education.
Extension Class Centers are located in Bacolod City, Davao City and Mandaluyong City.
The objectives of the different degree programs of the Graduate School are:
Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Education
1. To prepare mid-career educators and professionals for a   major leadership role in maritime education and in the maritime industry; and
2. To provide students with substantial theoretical and practical background for the enhancement of promotional opportunities within the educational or maritime arena.
Master in Maritime Education
1. To develop in the students knowledge of educational theories, concepts, principles, methods and techniques to enable them to become more effective and efficient teachers or school supervisors and administrators of maritime institutions and organizations; and
2. To train the students to be competent in conducting research which is of practical significance to maritime education in the country.
Master in Maritime Management
1. To provide an opportunity for seafarers and shoreside personnel to earn high-quality graduate-level management degree;
2. To provide the students with a broader understanding of economics, organizational theories, and quantitative analysis of business problems in the maritime industry.;
3. To provide new insights into the functional fields of maritime-related business, including accounting, finance, marketing and operations management;
4. To contribute to the body of knowledge in maritime management through independent research projects and theses; and
5. To provide a significant mid-career learning experience to those with the potential for senior management positions in marine-related industries.
Master in Ship Management
1. To develop knowledge of the organization and skills in management of major shipping companies;
2. To assist managers in developing skills in dealing with problems of choice, complexity and change involved in the successful management of complex shipping organizations; and
3. To develop competencies in the scientific conduct, preparation and writing of related research, feasibility studies, case studies, project studies, position papers and other technical reports.
Curricular Programs
Curricular programs leading to the doctor’s degree and master’s degrees are designed for maritime practitioners, institutional managers and educators as well as for allied professionals who wish to pursue systematic professional study beyond the master’s or bachelor’s degrees to enrich their knowledge and skills in their respective careers or professions.
The Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Education (Ph.D.M.E.) Program is designed for professionals in maritime education and the maritime industry, who wish to undertake doctoral-level study to improve the quality of their services as educators and leaders and to expand their theoretical understanding of maritime education and industry and how these relate to the improvement of life in a global society.The degree program provides predominantly course-based study at the doctoral level. The focus is on the systematic review and application of educational research in relevant areas of professional practice in maritime education and in the administration of maritime institutions.The course is characterized by the extensive use of practical and problem-based learning and use of flexible delivery modes attractive to part-time, full-time and overseas students.
The master’s programs of the Graduate School may be taken by the students under the residential or distance education mode depending on their personal option or circumstantial status.
The Master in Maritime Education (M.M.E.), Master in Maritime Management (M.M.M.) and Master in Ship Management (M.S.M.) programs may be taken under the thesis or non-thesis stream.
The M.M.E. program has for its main objective the upgrading of instruction in the various areas of study in maritime schools through the professional development of the faculty and other academic personnel.
The M.M.M. course focuses on management oriented for maritime industry applications.  The program was created to meet the particular requirements of seagoing officers and middle managers ashore who wish to enhance their management capabilities and advance opportunities in maritime-related companies.The curriculum offers concentrated training to develop and integrate management disciplines within maritime management’s economic, social, and political environment.
The M.S.M. course provides shoreside personnel with a broader understanding of economics, organizational theory and quantitative problems in the shipping industry. New insights into the functional fields of business and operations management relative to the shipping industry are developed in the students to enhance their qualifications for senior management positions in the shipping industry.
The Graduate Diploma Course in Maritime Management is designed for shipping personnel who intend to acquire an extensive background of the maritime world and, in the process, enhance their preparations in teaching or in maritime management.
The Graduate Diploma in Maritime Education is for general education teachers of maritime schools who need an extensive background of the maritime field necessary for the enhancement of their respective educational preparations.