Graduate School Dissertations of JBLFMU - Arevalo

  1. Relationship Between Cadets’ Mathematics Achievement and Licensure Examination Performance

    This descriptive study determined the correlation between mathematics achievement and licensure examination performance among the cadets at the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (Molo), Inc., Molo, Iloilo City for the period 1998-2001. The participants of the study were the 262 randomly selected graduates of marine engineering course who passed the 4th Marine Engineer Licensure Examination given by the professional Regulation Commission (PRC) from 1998-2001. Data sources were the cadets’ records available at the JBLCF (Molo), Inc.

  2. Problems Common Among the Seafarers

    This study aimed at determining the problems common among the seafarers at St. Therese-MTC Colleges Training Center in Tigbauan, Iloilo. Conducted in February 2003, this survey research utilized 50 randomly selected seafarers taking upgrading courses. A Rating Scale on Seafarers’ Problems used in Gasalao’s thesis (2002) was utilized in the study.

  3. Aero and Hydro Generators as Alternative Electrical Power Sources Onboard Ship: A Computer-generated Simulation Study

    Alternative energy sources are thrust research areas, considering environmental issues related to global warming and sustainability, including economic pressures resulting from energy price rises. Considering ways of utilizing renewable energy sources in the marine environment, the possibility of fitting aero and/or hydro generator on an existing 157,209 GT tanker ship, which may provide the ship's electrical power requirement at full-speed sea conditions, was studied.

  4. Job-related Problems and Competitiveness Among Filipino Seafarers: A Predictive Study

    This predictive descriptive study aimed at determining work-related problems and competitiveness among Filipino seafarers as associated with certain predictive factors.
    The dependent variables were the seafarers’ competitiveness and problems. The independent and predictive variables were the seafarer’s age, present position, education, monthly income and length of maritime service.

  5. Seafarers’ Self-Concept Personality Dimensions, Peer Relationships, and Lifestyles: Their Relationships to Group Attitudes

    This survey-correlational research was conducted to determine the seafarers’ self-concept personality dimensions, peer relationships, lifestyle, and group attitudes and how they relate to one another. The participants of this study were the 185 randomly selected seafarers from the different training and review centers in Western Visayas.

  6. Development and Evaluation of an Instructional Material

    The present descriptive evaluation research aimed at determining the acceptableness and merits of the modular instructional materials for “Introductory Physical Education and Basic Swimming.” A validated evaluation form for modular instructional materials was used to assess the six evaluation criteria of physical aspect, language, objectives, instructions, learning activities, and evaluative measures.

  7. The Use of a Basic Navigation Workbook: Its Relative Effectiveness and Attitude Among Selected Students

    This causal-comparative study delved into the relative effectiveness of students’ use of a workbook in Navigation III as well as their related attitudes. Gathering of data was conducted from June 2007 to February 2008 at the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo) in Iloilo City. Sources of data were the instructors’ class records and the students’ scholastic files at the Registrar’s Office. An attitude scale was also devised and used.

  8. An Assessment of the Physical Education Program of Maritime Courses in a Maritime Educational Institution: Basis for a Strategic Development Plan

    This study ascertained the faculty’s assessment of the status and problems of the physical education program of maritime courses in a maritime educational institution. Conducted during the first semester of school year 2005-2006, this survey research utilized the 102 randomly selected faculty members in the three academic units of the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (JBLCF) Inc. as participants.

  9. Seafarers Leadership and Personality Tendencies: Their Antecedents and Relationship to Attitude and Lifestyle

    This survey research aimed at determining the leadership and personality tendencies, their antecedents, and relationships to attitude and lifestyle among the seafarers. It further aimed at ascertaining the relationship among leadership and personality tendencies, attitude towards others, and lifestyle.

  10. Perceived Problems and Compliance with ISO Requirements Among Philippine Manning Agencies: Implications to Organizational Development.

    This descriptive correlational study aimed to ascertain and present the problems encountered by Philippine maritime manning agencies and their compliance with ISO requirements. The participants of this research, determined through purposive sampling, were 100 management and non-management personnel from 30 randomly selected manning agencies.