Graduate School Thesis of JBLFMU - Arevalo

  1. The Development of a Port Harbor in a Reclamation Area

    This study determined the feasibility of developing a port harbor in a Reclamation Area in Banago, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Specifically, the study determined the project’s feasibility in terms of: (1) organization and management aspect, (2) marketing aspect, (3) economic aspect, (4) technical aspect, (5) socio-cultural aspect, (6) service aspect, and (7) financial aspect. Study results revealed that the project is being organized as a corporation and is being grounded on sound organization and management principles;

  2. Kaalaman sa Balarila at Panitikang Filipino ng mga Mag-aaral sa Unang Taon sa Kolehiyo sa Isang Pang-Maritimang Pamantasan

    Nilayon ng pag-aaral na ito na matiyak ang antas ng kaalaman sa balarila at panitikang Filipino ng mga mag-aaral sa unang taon sa kolehiyo sa isang pamantasang pang-maritima. Ang mga tagatugong saklaw ng pag-aaral ay binubuo ng 59 na mag-aaral na palambang na pinili mula sa kabuuang 2,426 sa unang taon ng kursong Inhinyeryang Pangmarino ng John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University - Molo, Inc., sa pangalawang semestre ng taong panuruan 2010-2011. Pinangkat ang mga mag-aaral batay sa paaralang sekondaryang pinanggalingan at kaalamang pang-akademiko.

  3. Organization development of the Philippine Marine Consultants, Incorporated: Its viability factors

    The goal of this case study was to showcase the viability factors of the Philippine Marine Consultants, Incorporated (PMCI) as a manning agency. The objectives of this study were to look into the PMCI in its natural context in regard to its history, organizational development, organizational culture, and leadership; and to determine whether these independent variables are factors in the viability of PMCI.

  4. Performance in the Entrance Examination in Mathematics and the Academic Achievement in Mathematics of the BSMT Freshmen at John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (Arevalo), Inc.

     This study aimed at finding out the correlation between the performance in the entrance examination in mathematics and the academic achievement in mathematics of the BSMT Freshmen at the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (Arevalo), Inc. during the first semester of the academic year 1999-2000.  The respondents of this study were the 284 BSMT Freshmen students selected through proportional random sampling, based (OH the Sloven's sample size formula, from a total population of 980,  The respondents were classified according to their high school of origin, high school final grade in mathematics, socio-economic status, and the students' attitude towards mathematics.

  5. Teaching Competency of the Faculty of Instruction in a Maritime Educational Program as Perceived by Themselves and the Students

     This study aimed at determining the teaching competency of faculty of St. Therese-MTC Colleges as perceived by themselves and the students during the third quarter of the year 2002. The participants of this study were the 345 students and 56 faculty members selected through random sampling. The data were obtained using a researcher-made Faculty Self-Evaluation Form and Faculty Evaluation by the Students Form.

  6. Fundamentals of Paddling and Sailing: A Self-Learning Kit: A Documentary Analysis

    This documentary analysis aimed to report the procedures involved in the production and evaluation of the "Fundamentals of Paddling and Sailing: A Self-Learning Kit." The self-learning kit was developed and used as an instructional material for Physical Education 224 at John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, Inc. Three (3) jurors were selected for their expertise in physical education, technical writing, and module construction validated the content of the self-learning kit.

  7. Student’s Perception of the Maritime Profession: Its Influence on Academic Performance

     This study determined the influence of perception of the maritime students of St. Therese-MTC Colleges. The participants of this study were 120 randomly selected maritime students using quota-sampling technique between the Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation (BSMT) and Bachelor of science in Maritime Engineering (BSMar E). this descriptive research study utilized the research made rating scale.

  8. Spatial Intelligence and Machine Shop Performance Among Marine Engineering Students

    This study was determined the spatial intelligence and performance in machine among the marine engineering students at the JBLCF (Molo), Inc. Conducted in June 2003, the data needed for this descriptive research were gathered through the use of a 25-item test adopted from a 35-item Perpetual Acuity (Space Relations) Test taken from Differential Aptitude Tests by Bennet, Seashore, and Wesman (1986) and from the student’s grades in Machine Shop @. Means and standard deviations were employed as descriptive statistics, while the t-test for independent samples and the Pearson’s r set at .05 alpha level were utilized as inferential statistics.

  9. Self-Confidence and Leadership Potential Among Midshipmen of the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, Inc.

    This descriptive study aimed to determine level of self- confidence and leadership potential among 312 midshipmen of the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, selected through proportional random sampling. Independent variables were academic classification, age, mother’s education, father’s education and sibling rank; dependent variables were self- confidence and leadership potential.

  10. The effect of Acetate and Overhead Projector on the Students’ Chemistry Achievement.

    This experimental study was conducted to find out the effect of acetate and overhead projector on the student’s chemistry achievement. The researcher employed the one-group pretest-postest design. The area of the study was limited only to the topics on fundamentals of chemistry, matter and energy, measurement, atom structure, periodic table, and chemical bonding.