CES Newsletter System

  • Volume 7 No. 1

    For  the continuous and spontaneous partnership  of the University  and  with  the Municipal Local  Government  Unit  of  the  Municipality  of  Nueva  Valencia  Province  of  Guimaras,  the Research and Extension team of JBLFMU made a courtesy call with the newly elected Mayor, Hon.  Emmanuel  C.  Galila,  on  July  1,  2013.  The  team  had  a  formal  talk  with  the  Mayor  and discussed specific projects and programs that the university extended in the Municipality.

  • Volume 6 No. 2

    Participants in the International Maritime Conference, which was hosted by JBLFMU-Arevalo  on January 21-23, 2013, visited the JBLFMU Ecological Park on the third day of the conference to explore and experience the varied endowments of nature being enhanced and developed by the university.