Chairman's Greeting



The seafaring profession is strongly founded on the fact that majority of the world’ s trade is through the vast oceans of the world. Men and ships work together to improve the world economy. However, men cannot become seamen without being trained and educated by a credible maritime training institution. With this, John B Lacson Foundation Maritime University is confident of telling everyone that the school is honing excellent ship officers who can be trusted both in the practical and theoretical aspects of the seafaring industry. We are not limiting ourselves however to this goal but we also are trying our best to produce responsible and qualified manpower for other fields relating still to the maritime profession.

With these, I am inviting you to browse the content of our home in the worldwide web which youhave presently dropped by. We have prepared for you backgrounders of who we are, what we can do and what we have done as contribution to the maritime industry.



Chairman of the Board