Molo Maritime High School Admission Requirements and Procedure

Maritime High School

The School

The John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Maritime High School implements the Secondary Education Curriculum development program with enrichment courses in swimming, computer, and basic seamanship.

The school provides the students with a strong and solid foundation for the tertiary Merchant Marine Officers courses and/ or science and technology. Swimming, basic safety courses, first aid at sea, firefighting, survival craft handling are given due emphases in Basic Seamanship course in high school.

MHS Quality Objectives

To provide basic quality education for the youth to compete with the demands of a highly competitive world.

General Objectives

Make available to the youth quality basic education in line with the Department of Education policies and standards guided by the vision and mission of JBLF as a reputable    institution in Maritime Education.

To develop happy, productive,  nationalistic, and values driven leaders of the country and worthy members of the global community.

Specific Objectives

1.    To provide the youth with quality basic education.
2.    To provide the youth with strong and solid foundation necessary for further studies or the field of work
3.    To develop a pool of young men and women who are fully prepared for marine courses as offered at the JBLF units

Admission Requirements

New Students / Transferees:
•    Form 138 – A
•    Certificate of Good Moral Character
•    Birth Certificate (NSO photocopy)
•    1x1 ID Picture (3 pcs.)


•    Valedictorian and Salutatorian from school with not less than 40 graduating students
•    Outstanding Academic Performance
•    Publication Scholarship
•    GASTPE Funded School