The BSCA 1 and BSCA 3 students from Students from John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod (JBLCF-Bacolod) attended a free webinar which was streamed via Zoom and Facebook Live on January 29, 2021.  This free webinar was facilitated and was made possible by the Chamber of Customs Brokers, Inc. (CCBI), Academy of Developmental Logistics, the Professional Regulation Commission and with the cooperation of the World Bank.

The webinar was entitled “Trade Facilitation and Roles of Customs Brokers” and featured speakers from the World Bank and was joined by leaders and practitioners from the Philippines’ customs brokerage industry.

The webinar also introduced customs brokers/participants to the WTO Trade Facilitation (TFA).  It provided a comprehensive overview of the TFA, focusing on the rights and the evolving roles of customs administration, as well as the roles in carrying out trade facilitation.

The BSCA students were able to listen to the inputs from the customs and trade experts, the challenges faced by customs brokers and their role in trade facilitation.


For BSCA students, enhancement seminar is one of the enhancement activities to update and inform them on the latest about the customs broker profession.  Getting more ideas from experts and practitioners in the field of tariff, customs and supply chain is one of the most effective ways of providing adequate knowledge, skills and insights.  Conducting course enhancement seminars has been a practice in the College of Business and Education. Students were required to submit a reflection paper as to what they learned from the webinar and to assess the level of learning  and values they acquired.

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