For the month of August, the teachers and staff of the SHS Department once again immersed themselves in fun-filled activities as part of Paghirinugpong , the monthly virtual de-stressing event initiated by the SHS OIC-Principal, Mrs. Mary Mae Jun P. Esmaya

The program was anchored in the celebration of Buwan ng Wika where the participants wore DIY(do-it-yourself) traditional Filipino attire. Moreover, they were also encouraged to speak in Filipino all throughout the duration of the event.
As the overall chairpersons of the event, Mr. Stephen Bajande and Ms, Jean Rose Genova prepared creative and interactive activities such as ZOOMBa ITO? (a Zumba session featuring various Filipino dances); SIGE BI? SIGE NGA? (a paint-me-a-picture-inspired game); KANTA NGA TAYO!!!(videoke sessions); LIGTAS NA ESPASYO:IHAYAG ANG IYONG KWENTO (a psychosocial activity); i-Translate mo yern! (English to Filipino Translation Challenge); and PELI KULANG PA BA? (a guess the movie title game) were the shared laughter and joy of everyone from doing these parts transpired through the virtual screen.

The highlight of the event was LIGTAS NA ESPASYO:IHAYAG ANG IYONG KWENTO, a psychosocial activity, where the participants read different short stories with various universal themes. Some talked about politics, personal experiences, current events, among others pertaining to the topic discussed in each plot of assigned literature. Learnings from each one’s introspection and opinion were the biggest takeaway by everyone. Such a heartwarming experience!
Captain Ace Ocampo, the guest performer of the event, surely brought a good time to everybody through a song number! One of the best in the program.

The event is intended to enhance the general wellbeing of the SHS Faculty and Staff and help them meet the demands of work and provide them with opportunities for individual growth and development.
The activities under this program will de-stress the faculty and staff. This will allow them to relieve some tensions at work. Moreover, this will also be a way of team building for the department. Further, this hopes to improve their productivity of so teaching and learning process would be effective as possible.

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