Grade 11. March 16-27, 2020 (Monday to Friday) (8:00AM, Computer Laboratory)

BSMT. February 18 and 20, 2020, 8am, JBL Hall
Grade 12 JBLFMU Senior High Graduates. March 11, 2020, 8am JBL Hall
Bachelor of Science in Criminology. Starting February 4, 2020 - onwards. (Tuesdays and Thursdays), 8am, JBL Hall

         1. Entrance Fee-P200.00
         2. 1x1 ID picture
         3. Ishihara Result
         4. Pencil and ballpen


Requirements for Enrolment

Note: All students are required to undergo haircut

Male: (3x5x1 white side wall: clean mustache)

Female: Barber’s cut


STEP 1: DEAN’S OFFICE (Issuance of Checklist)


  • Original & photocopy of High School Card (for High School Graduate) Transcript of Records and Original
  • Transfer credential (for 2nd courser and Transferee)
  •  Live Birth Certificate (PSA copy formerly NSO)
  •  White long size filing folders (2 pcs.)
  •  Mailing white long envelope with stamp
  • 1 pc. 2”x2” I.D. picture (colored with white background)
  •  Cert. of Completion-Bridging Program


Submit the following laboratory test results and

“2x2” ID picture (colored with white background):

  • Ishihara Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  •  Urinalysis
  • Hearing Test
  • Short Brown Envelope
  • Hepa B Test
  • CBC
  • Fecalysis
  • 1 pc 2”x2” colored picture

STEP 3: SAS/Guidance Office

(Proceed to the Computer Laboratory near the Canteen)

  a. Submit the following requirements:

  • Entrance Exam Result
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • High School Card/Transcript of Records (for Transferee )
  • 1 pc 2”x2” colored ID picture with white background

  b. Fill-up online Personal Information Sheet (PIS)

  c. Picture taking (Comp. Lab)

STEP 4: Cashier

Down payment (Php 4,000.00) + PTA/Insurance fee 250

Or at any recognized payment center (M.Lhuiller or Metrobank)


STEP 5: Registrar’s Office


  • Checklist
  • Personal Information Slip
  •  Original High School Card (for High School Graduate)Transcript of Records and Original Transfer Credential (for 2nd courser and transferee)
  •  PSA ( NSO) Live Birth Certificate
  •  White long size filing folder
  •  White long size mailing envelope with stamp
  •  1 pc. 2”x2” colored I.D. picture with white background


Requirements for Enrolment
* Clinic- Medical Results (Hepa-8 Test, Chest X-ray, CBC, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, lshihara!Eye Test, Hearing Test)
* AAO - AAO Clearance
Step 1- Regular Student: Block Enrolment (Online/Web Enrolment)
              Irregular Student: Online appraisal of subjects
        Note: Irregular students with subject discrepancy please see Dean's Office
Step  2 - Cashier or Mlhuillier- down payment
                Accounting- Promisory notes
Step 3 - Registrar- Signing of Registration Form/Official Enrolment

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