UNIFFIED-USA has awarded employees of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University

Employees of John B-Molo garner International Awards

The United Federation of Filipino-American Educators – United States of America (UNIFFIED-USA) has awarded employees of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU) during its First Virtual International Research Summit on July 16, 2021 with the theme “Empowering Educators for the Challenges of 21st Century” among educators and researchers in the Philippines, USA, and other countries .

Dr. Angeli N. Sebastian was conferred the “2021 Rising to the Challenge of Excellence” award,” Dr. Victor B. Jaleco was granted the “2021 Outstanding Leadership in Education Award in Community Service” and Dr. Rolando A. Alimen was bestowed the “2021 Outstanding Leadership in Education.”

In terms of research presentations, there were 2 parallel sessions with 4 micro sessions. For the Best paper, the criteria
are the following:
(1) originality-40%, (2) releveance-20%, (3) quality – 20%, and (4) writing style – 20%, with the total of 100%.

Dr. Angeli N. Sebastian got “3rd Place Best Presenter Award” for the study “Students’ Engagement during the COVID-19 Pandemic” and Dr. Rolando A. Alimen garnered “2nd Place Best Presenter Award” for the study “Engagement, Views, Indicators, and Challenges of Online Teaching using JEL (John B E-Learning). The “3rd Place Best Paper Award” was given to the study “Evaluation of Online Learning using John B E-Learning (JEL)” presented by Dr. Victor B. Jaleco. “Best Abstract Award” was attributed to the study “Ethics of Recognition: The Struggles of Ilonggo Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) presented by Dr. Geneva M. Eler who received 
“2021 Rising to the Challenge of Excellence Award” given by UNIFFIED, Inc.-USA.

Finally, UNIFFIED-Western Visayas Chapter was awarded as the “2021 Most Outstanding Chapter” in the Philippines, vying more than 36 chapters. The award was received by Dr. Alimen as president of the chapter.

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