University Leadership

Executive Council

The Executive Council is a group composed of the key personnel from the different units comprising the JBLF System. It is headed by a Chairman who has the discretionary power to act on matters not expressly limited by Board policies. It is the coordinating body for the verification of programs and activities formulation of policies.

The Executive Council Chairman has the following functions:

  1. Chair in policy deliberation during Executive Council meetings.
  2. Recommend administrative policies to the Board and other related matters of the different units such as budget, etc.
  3. Has discretionary powers to act on matters not expressly limited by Board policies.
  4. Act as adviser to the Administrator and the Board of Trustees on operation of the different units.
  5. Execute and sign for and in behalf of the school, deeds and other legal documents as authorized by the Board of Trustees.
  6. Chair work committees on all CUPA programs and activities.
  7. Coordination, plans, supervise and direct projects for the development of the JBLF System.
  8. Appointed by the Board of Trustees as Management Representative for the implementation of the Quality System.

Functions of the Executive Council Members:

  1. To meet on a regular basis twice a month.
  2. To present to the Council problems of the units.
  3. Resolve issues within the System.
  4. Submit recommendation for hiring, firing, and other related matters that will be represented to the Board.
  5. Present plans for the unit for deliberation.
  6. Make institutional plans for advancement.
  7. Evaluate the efficiency of the System based on the mission, objective of the institution.
  8. Act as the lead committee for institutional projects.
  9. Create and chair AdHoc Committees for institutional projects and activities.