Passion, determination love for your work and a right attitude along with prayer will lead us to a safe arrival to berth. We are the Masters of our own lives, we are the “AB” Helman’s of our own journey. Let us set a course line the will lead us victorious in the end. In 2008 at 21, I sailed as cadet in my first vessel Maersk Launceston (formerly DAL Kalahari) a container vessel under the management of Essberger Crewing Services. I was the first and only female of the Cadetship program of the PTC-TOS Manila.

It was very challenging because I need to prove that I can succeed in this industry regardless of my gender. I told myself that in 10 year’s time, I am going to be a Master. I passed the Officer-in-Charge for Deck Licensure exam and I joined as Jr. 3rdmate on the same year. I was promoted as 3rd Officer in 2010 and 2nd Officer in 2012. I worked in the same vessel for the last 6 years. I passed the Licensure Examination for Deck Management in 2013 under PRC and i was so happy I already have the chief mate badge with me. The next challenge would be me using that license.

I continued to work as 2nd officer after the examination. In 2014 I was transferred to a bulk carrier. In 2016 I returned to a container vessel and was finally promoted as Chief Officer of the 21 year-old "UAFL Zanzibar" trading pirate areas. After two years and four contracts as chief, I officially became a Master last month. I've been working for 10 years in this industry, and I spent 7 years onboard the vessel, only 3 years for vacation ironically spent for trainings. But it doesn’t matter. I already have acquired properties and helped my family. I also have 5 scholars in high school. This is a testimony of faith in thy self and determination. With determination, sacrifices and hardwork nothing is impossible. Set your goal, work hard and never give up.

Never stop learning because knowledge is the key to success. My experiences taught me to become more independent, open-minded and responsible. Do not be intimated by being a woman. It will always a challenge leading a male-dominated job but it is not impossible to shine. Love your work and do your best you can. Your gender will never define who you are.

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