Captain Relly Jose Jr.

A star will always shine. No matter the clouds,it continues to sparkle as it naturally possesses a luster nothing can hide. This is true with Capt. Relly Nufable Jose,Jr. Capt. Relly finished his Associate in Marine Transportation from John B Lacson Colleges Foundation in 1987 as Class Valedictorian. Being a jack-of-all-trades, he was able to fully use his potentials as a School Publication Editor-in-Chief, a Student Executive Council President, a Model Cadet, as well as a dancer, an orator, and a singer. In 1999, he passed the licensure examination for Master Mariner. In 2001 at 32 years old, he took command of his own ship, the M/V Aurora, which traded between the US and the Caribbean. While journeying in his career, in between contracts, he would make sure he went back to school, took examinations for higher licenses, and finished his masteral degree in Maritime Education. As a master he was able to be in command of a total of 13 vessels, steering these throughout the world’s most complicated waterways. In 2008, he ventured into a different maritime field. He joined a shipbuilding company in South Korea. Despite not being an engineer or a naval architect, he decided to go for it. He was assigned to various shipbuilding sites in South Korea and northern China, acted as owner’s representative and supervised Germans, Chinese, Russians and East Europeans in the construction of container hulls, outfitting and painting them. After 6 years, he was assigned as Repair Yard Supervisor, leading a 25- man group of supervisors of different nationalities, like Germans, Russians and Chinese. Today, Capt Relly is the President and Director of GMM Global Maritime Manila Inc. which he put up for German principals in 2013. His eldest son, Rigel, has followed his footsteps and is already a Chiefmate at 27 years old. His only daughter, Barbie, works in his office while his youngest is finishing his flying hour requirements as a pilot. His wife, Bamba, a retired school teacher, a good cook and a baker, has always been supportive of his endeavors and is now a strong support for their manning agency. Capt. Relly is also a member of the Board of Directors and Consultant of his Alma Mater, the John B Lacson Foundation Maritime University.

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