Ms Elma Alborelas

She graduated Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration in 1989. She is the first and only Lacsonian from the Business Department of the JBLFMU Molo who became one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, a singer, a scientist, creator of the iBUS which is known internationally and more. Get to know more of this Model Lacsonian of which IMA-JBLFMU is very proud of.

Why did I decided to take up Customs Administration? That was 1985 – did I have a choice? (Kidding!) Unless Marine Transportation was also for women – then I could have enrolled in! Kidding aside, little did I know at that time, that I was making one of the best decisions of my life! To be enrolled here. “John B” as we fondly called our Alma Mater, gave me more than what I could ask for. What any student could ask for. In the first year of my college here, there was great danger of me not being able to continue due to financial reasons. I was away from my immediate family and my uncle who was supporting me lost his job in Saudi Arabia and said that he’s afraid he cannot continue supporting me anymore. It was not practical for him anymore due to his situation.

I have finished college topped with another big surprise of my life: to be chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) for the year 1989- a first for John B, and a first for Iloilo City as well. I once prayed, with all my heart: “Lord, please make me an instrument to help my country”. I started dreaming to contribute something to our country. It starts in a dream. To cut the very long story short, the Intelligent Bus Utility System (iBUS) was born from that prayer. But before iBUS was born, it was not just about carrying in your womb for 9 nine months for the baby to be born. Mine was nine, long, roller-coaster-ride years! And boy, the labor pains were more than I could bear. But I had that discipline – inside me – that I should do it – because it wasn’t about me anymore.

It was for the common good. Again, it was easy to have given up after say, two or four years that there seems to be no tomorrow for this kind of thing. But giving up was not an option anymore. I knew, that there’s something bigger out there – if only I would be determined to continue and finish the race. As we open another door in life, door of endless possibilities and opportunities, let it be that our hearts and minds are set in the right direction – that is fulfilling greatness – as God wanted all of us to be. Not to glorify ourselves, but to glorify Him who created us. When our hearts and mind are in the right places, anything is possible. As nothing is impossible with God.

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