Captain Vicente Fedelicio


Capt. Vicente Fedelicio is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Vega Manila Crewmanagement, Inc., and President and Chairman of the JBL Maritime Vanguard Services, Inc., which manages the MV Capt John B Lacson.

CAPT. VICENTE E. FEDELICIO, Ph.D., AFNI, is a recipient of the latest Asia Pacific and Entrepreneurship Awards or APEA. He is a 1983 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation of the former Iloilo Maritime Academy, by then an academic scholar and Corps Commander; a current member of the JBLFMU Board of Trustees, and is one of the university's Most Outstanding Alumnus. Always the man that devotes his efforts to anything he is passionate about, he learned the intricacies of the crewing business, and in 2006, armed with his newfound entrepreneurial skills and his burning fervor, he retired from working at sea, partnered with a German shipowner, and founded Vega Manila Crew management, Inc., becoming its President and CEO. Not wanting to rest on his laurels and even when Vega Manila was doing well, Capt. Fedelicio got back to school and in 2010, earned his Master of Science in Maritime Management degree from his alma mater, JBLFMU. Yet this was not enough for the man who wants to be the best in what he does. In 2014, he finished his Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Education degree, still from JBLFMU. Capt. Fedelicio believes that giving more when you have less is more illustrious than giving nothing when you have more. In his words, “a coward has a dream; a brave man has a mission”. Truly, with all the things that he has gone through, all the things that he has done, and all the things he is yet to do, it is without a doubt that Capt. Vicente E. Fedelicio is a brave man! JBLFMU is truly proud of you.

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