The Foundation ensures that applicants to the BSMT and BSMarE programs are mentally, emotionally, and physically fit to meet the admission and retention requirements of the institution, shipping companies and manning agencies, and the rigors of their work aboard ships. All BSMT and BSMarE students shall abide by the following admission, retention, and probation requirements:

Senior High School graduate

a.2 Students who graduated from High School on or before June 2016. However, to ensure college readiness of the students enrolling under the new higher education curricula, the admitting MHEIs shall require the students to undergo a bridging program for the general education component (CMO No. 10, S. 2017).

Admission Test

b.1 IQ Test
b.2 Psychological Test (I.Q., Personality, Aptitude)
b.3 Math, Science and English Aptitude (Diagnostic/Entrance) Test

Physical and Medical Fitness Test
c.1 Good eyesight with normal color perception (passed Ishihara Test for Color Blindness)
c.2 Pass normal results of the routine Physical Examination which includes
•    CBC
•    Stool
•    Urine
•    X-ray
c.3 Negative Hepa-B Test Result
c.4 Meet the requirements under Regulation 1/9, Section A-I/9 of the STCW Code:
•    have the physical capability, fulfil all the requirements of the basic training as required by section A-Vl/1, paragraph 2;
•    demonstrate adequate hearing and speech to communicate effectively and detect any audible alarms.
•    have no medical condition, disorder or impairment that will prevent the effective and safe conduct of their routine and emergency duties on board the ship;
•    are not suffering from any medical condition likely to be aggravated by service at sea or to render the seafarer unfit for such service; and
•    adhere to the minimum in-service eyesight standards set out in Table A-1/9.

Note: Failure to comply with the set standards for the Entrance Examination, Psychological Test, ISHIHARA Test, Hearing Test and Hepa-B Tests will mean non-admission to Maritime Programs.

d. A student who is transferring from an authorized maritime higher education institution, subject to completion/satisfaction of Physical and medical fitness test, pursuant to Regulation 1/9 of the STCW Convention 1978, as amended, to be conducted by a DOH accredited Medical Practitioner.
e. A student who is transferring from a maritime higher education institution whose programs are subjected to closure proceedings or are not authorized to be offered to a recognized MHEI, subject to completion/satisfaction of the following requirements:
•    Pass the Admission Test
•    Pass the Physical and Medical Fitness Test
•    Pass the written and practical assessment of prior learning (Professional and Gen Ed Courses); retake failed courses in written and practical assessments
f. A student who is transferring from an authorized maritime higher education institution whose admission standards requires new entrant on the First Year Level only, shall abide by the established admission policy of JBLFMU.
g. A student coming from outside the country must be evaluated in accordance with existing statutory and regulatory requirements prior to admission.

Reference: JCMMC 01 S. 2022, Article X Student Admission and Retention, Section 36, page 30-32/45 and Section 51 Implementation Closure, page 41/45.

Reference: SVI SS 7.1 Maritime Program Manual, 4. ADMISSION, ENROLMENT, RETENTION AND PROBATION Rev. 01 Rev Date: 6-27-2022


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