The College Hymn shall be adopted by all units of the JBLF System to be sung during official functions.



We look back to the humble beginning

Of John B. Lacson Maritime University

Whose Founder's dream that of providing

Brave sailors and leaders of the nation.

Oh John B. of our hearts

Our hope is in your sound philosophy

Time - tested values, let the youth uphold

To serve, and honor God and country.

Our ships may sail over the ocean

The tide may sweep us, to shores and seas

Around the globe to lands and nations

Your flag unfurl, Oh JBLFMU

Around the globe to lands and nations

Your flag unfurl, Oh JBLFMU.


Lyrics by: Susan Ramos
Music by: Romulo Pangan
Year Adopted: 1987



Jonh B. Lacson Colleges

Our Alma Mater

You who provide us educaion

To serve Lord God and Country.

Oh! Dear Alma Mater

We salute you for the values

Learned discipline, progress

That made us the best of men.



College of the Nation be proud

We are now great sailors

And good leaders of the nation.

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics & Music by: Mr. Gilberto C. Pirante

Year Adopted: 1988

* A Unit may adopt a Unit March but the Official March shall be used for graduation exercises and official functions where the President Emeritus, Chairman of the Board or the Executive Council Chairman is present.

The Official March shall be played or performed first followed by the Unit March.

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